About Me


Well, I'm 40 yrs old. Not only do I make whips, I am also a delivery driver for a major bakery. So I guess you could say I put bread on the table! Here is my main hobby. I race R\C cars, one is a 55mph electric street car. The other is a nitro powered T-Maxx 4x4.
I also do some acting. Mainly just commercials and "extra" parts, but it keeps me busy when I'm not braiding whips. On weekends I head out to the Fort Worth Stockyards and put on whip demonstrations. Cracking, target cutting and teaching people all about whips. Lots of folks out there are tourist wanting to see cowboys and horses. Many never knew that a whip could crack so loud and that some one could cut targets with whips. I do all the things that make me happy. No matter what always follow your dreams.
They will lead you to some really cool places. Be cool my fellow whip friends.